Expert Panel

Panel Advisors

  • Dr. Deepali Batra Senior Consultant Clinical Psychologist

    She is one of the leading consultants in the area of Clinical and Child Psychology. She is also a senior Consultant Clinical Psychologist at Dept of Neurosciences, Batra Hospital & Research Center ( New Delhi ) and Max Health Care. She specializes in dealing with psychological, emotional, behavioural and relational problems in children. She has also conducted several workshops for various schools, corporate, NGOs and Government Agencies.

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  • Prof. (Dr.) Shefali Bakshi Deputy Director of Languages

    She is Deputy Director of Languages, Amity University. She is well known in academics circle across the country, especially in the field of language training and personality development. She has conducted more than 400+ workshops on ELT, Child Psychology and Personality Development. A member of the prestigious Samuel Beckett Society, International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) and Teacher Development Special Interest Group ( TDSIG ).

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  • Dr. Archana Professional Painter

    She is a freelance professional painter and well known within the national art circuit. She has been conducting art classes for children of all age groups for a long time, and as such, has a unique insight into the young minds. She strongly believes that children express their inner thoughts, fears and feelings through their artwork. Based on her teaching experience with children, she also believes in the potential of art as a therapeutic medium for children.

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  • Ms. Madhu Tandon Principal

    A seasoned educationalist with over 25 years of rich and extensive experience in teaching and administration, currently with The Millennium School, Meerut as Principal, she brings us a wealth of experience & skills in developing adaptive curriculum aimed at maximizing students’ comprehension. She has vast Experience of facilitating/coaching students by using interactive discussions and “hands-on” approach to help students learn and apply concepts in subjects.

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  • Ms. R. Gopalakrishnan Editor – Parent Edge

    She decided to put her ongoing parenting experience to good use as editor of ParentEdge, after a decade’s career in marketing and consulting. She believes that as a parent, one continues to learn life-long, a view that is confirmed in day to day interactions with her two children, who are nine and five years old.

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